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Hes being really cute tonight:)

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Reeko is being soo freagin cute tonight!!

Keeps looking at me with those big droopy eyes!!

Unfortunately I missed the entry date for the dog show:( so reeko will miss it but there are many more in CT in west springfield Ill take him too!! We are still going to go just so he can get the feel! Theres another one this weekend we migh take him too just to look around lol
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reeko is so handsome! seriously, how could anyone not love that face!!!?  :)
Reeko is jsut so so handsome !! jsut makes you want to walk up and hug him with those eyes !
What a face that boy has!  Makes ya just wanna sqwooosh him!LOL! (That is, of course, a technical term!)
Awwww, look at that face....Cindi, he's disapointed that he's missing the Give him a hug for me
Reeko is just so darn cute. Aw too bad you missed the show, but if you go this weekend take pictures if you can.
He has the most kissable little smoosy face.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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