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Hey From IL

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Hi im shane and i live in carbondale IL and go to SIUC

My little guy is only 4 months old and his name is nero. so far he has been a GREAT dog just a little worried when he doesn;t see me but thats to be expected but this is my first dog.

I do have a quick question he is a pure bred akc registered flashy reverse brindle and i have been debating on studding him out does any one have any good opinions on this that they could share, or any nformation on what i should expect thanks


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Hi Shane, and welcome from Gaby and Rene....your little guy is adorable! far as your questions on studding him, I would check out the breeding section on this forum, and that should answer most of your q's
Hey from Rodimus in VA.. as for studding, not sure about.. but he is a cutie!
Welcome to the forum your baby is adorable.  You have a long wait before you should breed him, 2 to 3 years old so you can have all of the proper health tests done; you have plenty of time to do the research.  Are you planning on showing him?  Also you should contact a reputable breeder to have your dog evaluated to see if he is one that should be breed, if so, then you have a great mentor to help you learn all the things you need to know.
Neuter him! :D Welcome to the forum! Nero is soooo cute!
Welcome to the forum - Nero's really cute. As for your question ask again when he's 4 years old and not 4 months :lol: ! More seriously there's plenty of stuff to read if you look through the previous posts about breeding. Lot's of people on this forum have quite strong opinions on the subject, it's not something to be taken lightly :)
Well thanks for the comments i know i have a long time til i have to make a decision but i like having the information well in advance and all. i know that the breeder i got him from said he would be a candidate for breeding should i choose to but thats as far as i got. i have also thought abotu showing but but have decided against it.
Welcome to the forum.  I live about 1hour or so north of you in Kankakee.  Your puppy is cute.  I too are in almost the same boat as you.  The breeder we got Attila from in STL, MO wants to have frequent pictures of him to see his stature as he grows.  They want to see him in the next few months or towards summer to see if he has the same qualities has his parents did so they can use him as their new stuf from that blood line.  This was also a part of our purchase contract.  We will see what happens in the next year or so.  Good luck and hope to see many more pictures of your baby.
Welcome to the forum...I second what has been said about breeding..Research now, talk to show people, consider putting him in the ring, that's a good way to tell if your guy does meet the standard. Your breeder may say he's a great candidate, but let others judge as well....Be prepared to have all testing done on Nero as well and get a mentor, who can assist you and be a good sounding board
Hello and welcome to the forum! What a cutie he is!!
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