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Hey, guess what???

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Mic "Woo woo"'d!LOL! First time EVER...he's been our quiet guy...Indy is full of talk...although it sounds more like "Marm marm marm"(which I happen to think is "mama"!LOL!)  But, Mic looked right at me and in a high voice(which we have never heard!) "Woo Roo"'d (there was definitely an "R" in there somewhere!LOL!)

Too fun! Pua has taught Mic how to talk...or at least inspired him to be mouthy!(I LOVE the "woowoo" I was VERY happy to hear him talk!)
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I just love the Woo Woo's! Very cute and funny  :lol:
Yea!!! Mic Woo Woo'd..... :clap: I do believe that Miss Pua taught him...Angel was my first Woo Woo, sure hope the next one does as well
Congratulations!!! I miss the woowoo's, Maddie doesn't talk at all!  :(
I am very happy...I enjoy those Woowoos tremendously
Awww! Good Job Mic!!  I think I have heard Chloe woo woo a total of like 2
Yea Mic, I love Woo Woos.  I love hearing them, Kiah usually only does them with a toy in her mouth but it still comes out so cute.
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