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Hi all, from Sunny Florida

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Hello all, My name is Alicia & I am excited to see a few familiar faces here. My husband & I are owned by the sweetest boxer mix in the world we named MohammeDAWG Lee...Mo for short!
I am hoping to find a great community here & have a bit of fun , warning about me...I tend to share thing s that you may not want or feel the need to know. If I start doing that...PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can shut up!..ok?
Thank you all for having me,
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Thanks for joining, welcome to BoxerForums!

Mo is a cool boxer name, I like it.
Hi Alicia, welcome to BoxerForums.
welcome Alicia, nice to see you over here.. :D ...and please, share away...I like that...You share, I share....
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