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HI to you all!! MY NAME IS Mandy and i have a new boxer babe called lulu, thought i'd join this site as it looks great! lulu is 14 weeks old and a bundle of loony joy!!! xx :lol:
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welcome to the forum. we love to look at pics so when you have the time and opportunity post some of lulu. i like the name btw, very cute. once again welcome!
Welcome Mandy and Lulu!  :-h
Welcome to the forums....Would love to see pictures :)
Welcome to the forum..Look forward to hearing more about Lulu and of course, don't be stingy with the pics  :)
Welcome from Texas - can't wait to see pics of your baby!
Welcome!  This is a really great site!
OH MY, a boxer named after me!!!! Make sure you post a lot of pics of my namesake. Welcome to the forum, you will love it here.
Hi and welcome to you and Lulu - so glad you have joined our group and would love to see pictures of your new baby.   We love pictures!!!
Welcome from Kiah and I, can't wait to see pictures of Lulu
Hello and Welcome!! Cant wait to see pics of lulu...if you have anyquestions please feel free to ask!
Hello & Welcome!  "A bundle of loony joy"!  :lol:  I've never heard that one but it fits PERFECTLY!!!!
thanks for the lovely welcome!!! will sort some photos of lulu when she keeps still!!! watch this space x
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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