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Hi, everyone! Kinda new here...

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although my wife has been keeping me posted on everything...I feel like I know several of you already! :) So, now it's only fair to introduce myself...I am the proud Daddy to three boxers, as you all know...and our youngest will be home Friday! Looking forward to getting to know everyone...I already enjoy all of the pictures!
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Hiya!  Welcome!  WOW.....3 Boxers!  I just had 3 Boxer pups for the past 5 days......omg...ugg!  Thank god i'm a true blond so I could totally pass my insanity off to that!(haha!) your new pup is so cute!  Looking forward to reading about the many stories I imagine you will have!  Good luck!
whoooo hooo welcome....thats great !!! glad you are here..haha my hubby says the same thing..he knows so many dogs and peoples names on here...hmm maybe ill get him on here too lol...

i cant wait for Pua to get get the hubby award of the year from me for finding her :):):)

many alohas ~
Welcome, love you Boxer pictures wow 3.  Thats alot of Boxer love.
:D tell your wifey we said hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...haha..

** pssst..thats Jeanene's hubby that got her Pua ( the puppy) as a gift...we like him :):)
welcome! i bet you are just as excited to get littl pua home!
Welcome to the forum, my hubby keeps talking about joining too, maybe I'll have to point out that not only did you join, you got Jeannene a new puppy!! Hint, Hint, nudge nudge :lol: Can't wait to see more of the new baby with the boys.
Welcome!! Yes, you have great taste in gifts  :lol:
Thankyou for welcome I feel like I've always been a part this big wonderfu family!!!!!
Hi there!  Just wanted to say welcome and your new pup looks adorable (and that's not just cos I am a bit biased towards white boxer girls lol!!)  I've always said to your wife that your Mic reminds me of my Roxy but with the patch on the other side, so I think Pua is going to end up looking just like her!!  Can't wait to see more pics as she starts to grow!!  :)
Welcome! Glad you could join us, and yes you have an exceptional taste in gifts.  :D
Just wanted to say hello and welcome on jumping in the forum.....:)
Welcome Kelly, course we all think you gave the bestest gift to Jeanene for your anniversary & totally surprised her as well....We all are waiting for pics of the new arrival and of course, since you joined, expecting regular pics from you!!! I know, we are pathetic, huh?  :)
Welcome!  And I would also like to say that you are a great gift giver!
Hello & Welcome!  You have an adorable boxer family!!  Great job on finding Pua...she's a cutie, only a few more days huh!?
Welcome, Pua is a cutie; great job on picking her.
Welcome, any fly fisherman is a friend of mine!  I've had fishin poles and firearms in my hands since I was a we tot!
Look everybody......It's KELLY!!!!!!!

Hey Kelly!!!  How's it going?  I'm so glad to see you have finally joined us on the BoxAnon bus!!!  ROFLMAO!!!!  Excellent taste in gifts there guys!!!  She was so surprised and happy!!!

Keep us posted and remember...lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankyou for the very warm welcome!!!!!!!!
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