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Hi everyone...we're new!!!

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:lol: Hi!!  A newbie here  with a 6 week old boxer.  I know...why did breeder let me have her so early?  I don't know..I looked at her health record at the time I got her and she had her 6 week shots a week before I got so I assumed she was 7 - 8 weeks.  Not the case.  I know pups learn alot from mom and littermates from 6-8 weeks.  Any suggestions to help the lil one?  She plays with my cat and 2 other dogs but I know it's not the same.  Anyway, I'm in love with her....I keep changing my mind on her name (LOL!!)  Right now it's Allie. i would post a pic but can't figure it out yet (lol!!!)
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Hi bella777 and welcome to the Boxer Forum.  I have a 6 week old puppy girl, named Sophie, too and a 18 month boy, Kane.  That's a good question about how old they should be before they go home -- which you will find discussed in several threads here.  In the meantime, welcome and hope all is well with your new baby.  You can add you picture to your signature and avatar from the "Edit your Profile" section.  If you have any problems with that, just give a shout and someone will be glad to help you.  Have fun here and we look forward to seeing your little one.
Hello and welcome!!!! I have a 13 week old boxer(Chance) and a 9 week old Boxer(Layla) . Neither of mine were 6 weeks but Layla was 7 weeks when we got her. My other 2 dogs have helped her learn the ropes and what is acceptable and what is not. Good luck and i hope we see lots of pics really soon!!!
Hi to you and Allie!! Can't wait to see pics of her  :)
Hello and welcome!  :D
Welcome!  I just got a 7 week old boxer last Wednesday.  His name is Trogdor the Burninator (lol) and he is sleeping on my foot right now!  See ya around.
Hello and welcome to the forum!!!  Can't wait to see some pictures.
hello and welcome-cant wait to see pics.
hello and welcome, and congrats on your new baby!
Welcome to both of you...Post some pics of your baby, we are a wee bit nutz over puppies  :) ..Also read thru our puppy section for a lot of good info and advice for your little girl... :)
Hello from one New Yorker to another! Can't wait to hear more about the baby :D
Aloha from Hawaii!!!

Liz and Lilly
Hello from Florida and welcome.
Kiah says welcome (me too!).  Can't wait to see picture of your new baby.
Hello & welcome
Another hello and welcome from Texas :) You'll find alot of great information on here. Can't wait to see pictures of your little one!
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