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Hi everyone...we're new!!!

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:lol: Hi!!  A newbie here  with a 6 week old boxer.  I know...why did breeder let me have her so early?  I don't know..I looked at her health record at the time I got her and she had her 6 week shots a week before I got so I assumed she was 7 - 8 weeks.  Not the case.  I know pups learn alot from mom and littermates from 6-8 weeks.  Any suggestions to help the lil one?  She plays with my cat and 2 other dogs but I know it's not the same.  Anyway, I'm in love with her....I keep changing my mind on her name (LOL!!)  Right now it's Allie. i would post a pic but can't figure it out yet (lol!!!)
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Hello and welcome to the forum! You'll love it!
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