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Hi Everyone

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Allie and I are new here.  My name is Kelly and I've been Boxer owned for almost 3 years.  Allie is 2 going on 3 this February.  DH works for DoD, so we get to travel around a lot.  We're currently living in Tirana, Albania and we'll be here for 2 years, possibly 3.  I'm originally from New Jersey, DH is originally from California, and Allie is from Washington.  We all moved to Washington not too long ago.  I look forward to learning more about Boxers from all of you and getting to know each of you and make some friendships!
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:-h Welcome to Boxer Forums! Would love to see some pics of Allie....we are all kind of picture fanatics here!  :D
Welcome to the forum! Look forward to hearing & seeing more of Allie :)
Welcome from Alabama!!! PICS, PICS, PICS!!!!!!!
I'll try to post some pics.  I switched computers and this one doesn't have the editing program I am used to so it might take me a little while to get some pics on here.

I lived in Bangkok from 2001-2003.  How does your Boxer make out there?
Welcome to the forum from Kiah and me.
Welcome from Luann,Ekim & Delila.You are going to love it here. It is amazing to see that people come to this site from all over the world.The one thing we have in common is that we all love our boxers.

Welcome from Texas! Can't wait to see pics of your Allie!
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