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HI Everyone!

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My name is Misty.  I currently live in Central Ohio.  My husband is in the Marine corps so we are due to move sometime this summer, but you never know!  I grew up with boxers my whole life.  My 12 year old boxer died 3 days after I got married and moved to Seattle in 2001.  He was my family dog and my dad got him for my sister and I when I was in fourth grade.  I was heartbroken when he died so about a year after my husband and I got married  in January of 2003 we got my Mack.  He is a reverse brindle and such a momma's boy!  We also have a cat named Oscar.  He and Mack are the best of friends!   My parents now have two boxers.  They bred their male last year and took one of the puppies so they have Zeek and Ruby! We definitely are a boxer family seeing as my grandparents, aunt, and cousins all have boxers!
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welcome to boxerforums, from Gaby and me....sorry to hear about your loss, I know how you feel....glad to hear there are so many boxers in your family!
Hey from Quantico Marine Corp Base VA--- Welcome-- there's alot of good stuff here..
Rodimus-  Quantico is our next duty station.  My husband will be going to TBS.    Since we will only be there for about six months or so we are going to rent this time around so hopefully we will be able to find a place that has a yard for Mack!
Hello and welcome! i am sorry for the loss of your boxer.....that must have been really hard especially with all the other things going on in your life. I cant wait to hear more about the new boxers in your life
Hey, there...I can relate to the boxer family tradition! We have 11 in all in our family(lost two last year)...(us and extended family)

Welcome...Mack is a handsome guy...I'm so glad to hear he has helped you heal! ( many "H"'s was that?LOL!)
This was at our last reunion last summer...we've added our littlest one since then!
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Welcome form Thailand!

JeanenesBoogerBabies - Great picture!

Talking about boxers in the family my mom and I were just talking about hers when she was 10 and his name was pete... So many wonderful stories about boxers but this is my first one.....Always wanted one.... They say once you have one it's hard to get any other kind...I'm starting to believe that becasue they are different from other types of breeds....
Howdy from Texas and welcome! :D
Mack is very handsome. :wink:
Welcome to all of you..Mack is a handosme guy..Look forward to hearing more about him
Welcome from Texas! Mack is a handsome boy!
Welcome from WI, Mack is such a cutie; can't wait to see more pictures.
Hi Misty and welcome!  So sorry to hear about the loss of your family boxer, 12 years is great for a boxer, but it's still never easy to say goodbye.  Mack is a handsome guy!!  Can't wait to hear all about him :D
Welcome!  Mack is a good looking boy!
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