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Hi from Ky, my 2 pups..

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Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself, and my two babies. Delilah is 6 and Felix is an 8 month old deaf pup.


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awww sooo cute... KY as in kentucky?
Welcome from NY, very cute babies you  have there :lol: Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about them.
Yup, Kentucky.  thanks- I think they are cute too ;)
I am at the university of kentucky right now w/ my little guy
Welcome to you, Delilah, and Felix!  :D
Hi Aquaseafoam!!!!!  You made it!!!!
Welcome to all of you, look forward to hearing more about your babies
They are beautiful but I am very partial to whites... :D
Welcome...They are so cute...The look alittle
Welcome to you all from Kiah and I.  Your babies are so cute, I love whites.
Awwww.....Awesome pics! Felix reminds me of our little guy, Baxter!!!!
Awww.. What cuties.  They are absolutely adorable.  Welcome to the forum...

Aquagirl, What/who is aquaseafoam?
Mom2BoNLaila\";p=\"54356 said:
Aquagirl, What/who is aquaseafoam?
thats my username on a fish forum ;)
Awwwhhh... what cuties!! Just chilling!

Welcome to the forum you'll love it here!!
well welcome from Hawaii and a white deafy owner....WOW the one on the left is HUGE...i love whites ..well love all the
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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