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Hi from the Gold Coast, QLD,AU

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I joined  the boxerworld forum a week ago and I have not been able to get back on there for some reason.  So I have decided to make this my boxer home because this site actually works.

I am the happy owner of female Red, Zara who is about 17 months old. When we first got her I came to a site and found out how to crate train her and it has been fantastic.  She is quite small for a boxer but she is very quick and agile.

I always wanted a staffie, but my partner has always had boxers and so we got a boxer Zoe and then Zara. Thank God we did because they are the most awesome dogs and I would never have a different sort of dog. Well this is no surprise to anyone here, judging by the zillion favourable words written about them. What else can I say.... Boxers rule ok.

As for our Zara well she is pretty well trained now and knows how to be gentle, no jump, settle, no bark etc on command.

Some of her favourite commands:

Oh no run out of space, have to introduce myself better another time. If you want to see any pics go to

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welcome Michael...glad you came. Yes i know what you mean about Boxers....hubby never wanted one til we got our Chance 2 1/2 weeks ago then when we were offered a little girl a couple days ago hubby said go get her!!! he loves the breed now!!!
I went to your link...gorgeous pictures!!  I laughed at the one where Zara was in the basket next to your computer!  I like her white around her muzzle!!
Welcome to the forum-oh she is precious!! :)

i am so sorry tha your zoe  was taken before her time, my heart goes out to you.

Please jump in with any questions
Hello & welcome
Welcome to you all....Feel free to jump in any time with any questions you may have...And definitely let us see lots of pics! Oh we do love those...
Hello and welcome!!!  I'm so sorry to hear about Zoe.  She was beautiful.  My heart goes out to you guys.  Zara is gorgeous also.
hi and welcome to the forums and sory to heat about zoe but zara is so cute and adorable and cant wait to see more pics of her inthe future.
Hey & welcome, sorry about your loss,the pics are beautiful
Not sure what happened there - it missed half of the post... so here's the rest (thx for the replies already)

As for our Zara well she is pretty well trained now and knows how to be gentle, no jump, settle, no bark etc on command.

Some of her favourite commands:
(1) "Reward!" She has to shake hands for her dinner and wait patiently for the command
(2) "Go to the Beach" If we make mention of the "B" word she is at the front door waiting to go.
(3) "Fetch" Never ending fetching of balls, sticks and her bone. She will hunt for the one you call for.
(4) "Where's Kids" Instantly alert and looking for the kids or at school time she is ready to get in the car and get them
(5) "Where's Mikey" Hears my motorbike from miles away and goes berko
(6) "Hoover" This means she gets to hoover the crumbs under the table

Some of the commands she Hates
(1) "In your box" Actually she doesnt really mind it and goes willingly
(2) "Leave the puss" Spoils a good hunt
(3) "boot off" Get the hell out of the kitchen!
(4) "no jump" that's got to hurt
(5) "On the couch" sucks when there is a ball waiting to be chased.

When you start to think about it, these dogs know a lot of commands and I think the best dog is an obedient dog.

Lastly my favourite story:
We were out walking the dog in a dog park (actually she was running around like an idiot) and she spotted a kangaroo hopping down the paddock. In the split second she took to work out this was not a weird dog, she was off at full pace chasing after it.
"Zara..come!!!" I frantically yelled out.
"Don't worry", Linda said, "she will give up in a sec".
Off I ran after her and the roo, and within seconds they were both out of site. I ran for what seems like a good kilometre and came to find out that our boxer had run this roo down. The kangaroo was standing on a bank in the middle of a billabong and there was Zara buried in mud, wagging her tail and thinking...what the hell do I do now?
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Sorry to hear about Zoe!!  Zara is a beautiful girl!  I love the Hoover command!!  I'll have to add that to my repitoire (sp)!!!  LOL!!!

Great story!!!  Keep the stories and pix coming!!!  Welcome to our home while hiding at home...LOL!!!

Liz and Lilly
Welcome!  :D
Howdy and welcome! :D

How cool is that!  You get to see kangaroos while out on a walk.  All we ever see is squirrels.  Henry caught a squirrel once!

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ZaraBoxie\";p=\"20579 said:
I joined  the boxerworld forum a week ago and I have not been able to get back on there for some reason.
I can tell you what happened.  I joined a few weeks ago, too.  It was the first boxer forum I stumbled onto when googling boxers and I spent a couple of hours perusing the site, then got a message saying that I had viewed the maximum number of posts allowed for a non-member, and to view more I had to register.  I did so and there was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng list of rules they wanted you to read through before allowing you to become a member, and they actually had a number hidden in the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng list of rules that you had to enter into your membership form to "prove" you had really read the rules.  Well, at that point, I was just looking for general info... didn't have a boxer yet, wasn't certain I would have one, I was just there to get INFO... not to post, so I skipped reading the rules, searched and found the number, got my membership.

24 hours and 1 minute later, I'm reading posts on the site and suddenly get a message "You failed to introduce yourself to the forum within the 24 hour limit, as you agreed to do when you registered.  You are hereby banned for 24 hours.

I waited 24 hours, tried to sign back on, now it said I was banned for 48 hours for the same infraction!


I had my husband sign  up on the same site under his screenname... They apparently are SO anal that they recognized the membership request was coming from the same household and put some sort of HEX on our machine so that when we try to access now the hourglass just sits there turning up and down, up and down, up and down.  

Honestly, the moderators on that site are sooooooooooo anal I think it's probably best I don't have access.

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:rofl:  Hahaha..."that place" just keeps getting funnier and funnier! :bigrazz: The more stories I hear about "that place", the funnier it gets! Oh, The big O and his "rules!" It's just a shame that "that place" has become what they are today. I actually learned a lot on that forum, and it was a great place, oh 7-8 years ago! I guess they just got too big for themselves!
Just look at it this way, the best of the people that were on that forum are now all banned and are on different forums, such as here!
Who needs 'em?!  :bigrazz: Welcome aboard!  :D
That's so funny!  Who's running that site, Dan Brown?  What's with all the Da Vinci code crap before you can even read the posts?
Welcome to the forum.  

I was never able to get on that site; now I am glad I wasn't able to.
I was banned.....TWICE!! :D i agree that this site is sooo much better and i get great advice. I think it is awesome that you can see a kangaroo on your cool is that. we just get the typical bird, maybe a stray cat on a good night.
Hello & Welcome!  I'm so sorry to hear about Zoe.  She was a beautiful pup, I love her pictures!  Zara is adorable herself!  Great story btw!  Keep them coming!
Hello and welcome, glad that you have joined us. Zara is a cutie.
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