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Hi guys!!

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Guess I should reintroduce myself since I am offically back!!! Umm, Let's see my name is Shari and I am the proud owner of Chloe who will be 3 on Feb 9th and for those that remember her, she is doing great =) Also Brodi who is 4 and a half weeks old and I will be getting him on Chloe's birthday..This is a birthday present to her so ssshh, don't tell her! I really can't even begin to tell you how much I missed you all but I have more then enough time on my hands now since I left my job to drive you all nuts again  :D

Here is a pic of Brodi Boy!!

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I am so glad you're back! Glad to hear Chloe is doing great!!! Brodi is sure a handsome boy!!! Glad ya'll are back!!
Brodi is a handsome fellow!!!
Welcome back Shari, we have missed you and beautiful Miss Chloe.  Brodi is so cute, I just love his coloring.   We need some Chloe pictures.
What an adorable pup Brodi is! Chloe is beautiful too. Welcome back
Welcome back Shari...And congrats on the new addition..I see you are still going with the name we talked about last summer, which I liked anyways....Brodi is a cutie and of course we won't tell Chloe, our lips our sealed....Good to see you back, I missed you...And we need to see some pics of Chloe  :)
Well welcome back stranger!  :-h  We all missed you here! Glad to hear that Chloe is doing good and will have a brother real soon!  \:D/  Brodi is adorable. Looking forward to catching up!
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...glad you are back !!! kisses to Chloe:D

& OMG Brodi is adorable i LOVE his coloring..

whooo hoo glad to see pics of chloe maybe :D
Hey stranger...

Congrats on the new pup... i might have one myself and with any luck he will look just like Brodi!
WB Shari!  Glad to have you back with us!  Brodi is gorgeous, Chloe will absolutely love him!  
New pics of Miss Chloe when you can too :)
YAY shari!!!! Your back!! Congrats again on Brodi!! hes adorable!!
Hello & Welcome Back!!!  We missed you and Chloe!  Happy to hear she's doing well.  And congrats on Brodi...he's adorable!  I bet you're counting down the days!
welcome back! Brodi it so cute Chloe will have a blast being a big sister!
Welcome back!
Well, there you are!
Welcome back!  Brodi sure is a cutie! :wink:
How's Miss Chloe doing?
Welcome back!  Brodi is a real cutie!  I am sure Chloe will love him.
Welcome back Shari! We have missed you! Brodie is sooooooo cute! I hope you and Chloe are both well!

Welcome back Shari.  Looks like I may have to come up there and puppynap little Brodi so Ringer can have a little brother.  He's a little cutie.
I knew you would turn up sooner or later!! so glad you are back...we missed you so!!! Brodi is just the cutest little devil....miss Chloe will LOVE her present. lips sealed....we wont ruin the suprise :D  get back into the swing of things have missed alot!! :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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