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Hi, I'm new. ;)

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Hello. I am a proud owner of 3 boxers. One was a rescue and the other two are sisters from a near-by breeder. Technically, Sadie (the rescue) is my brother's and Lexi (a sister) is my mom's. Sabre is mine! She's a CKC registered, fawn and white, and was born on June 1, 2007. Yesterday was her first snow day and I decided to use her playtime to take a few pictures to share.

I hope I can become a regular here and get to become better friends with everybody!

Here are pictures of the other two.

Sabre and Sadie. A couple of months ago.

Lexi with her tongue out.

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welcome, she is a cutie. This is a great place to hang out, share, and learn :)
Thanks! I know I'll love this place!
Welcome from Texas! Your pups are so cute!
Welcome from Kiah and me, you will love it here. They are all beautiful dogs, love to hear more about them.
Thanks some more! :lol:

I'll definitely have some good stories to tell. (As I'm sure all Boxer owners do, since they are always making mischief! :) )

I'm working on making myself a signature now....
Welcome!  You have some beautiful babies!  They are so cute!  You will love it here, so much information and helpful people!
Hello and Welcome!! your three boxers babies are adorable!!
Hello and welcome from Sadie and me. Sabre, Lexi and Sadie are cuties! I can imagine they have a blast playing together. Boxers are so great aren't they  :)

You've chosen a great site to join, everyone is wonderful here and there is a lot of storytelling and great advice floating around. Like you said, boxers do like to get into mischief  :lol: Can't wait to hear more about your boxer family!
Welcome to you and the beautiful pups  :D Snow day in Georgia?? Wacky weather, but fun for pups :lol:
Thanks! I feel so welcome here. All of you have beautiful dogs as well!

And yes, it snowed in Georgia. Two different days of snow. It was very odd, but also very enjoyed! :)
Wow such beautiful fawn boxers! they are gorgeous!

and welcome from Gaby and will love it here on boxerforums it is very addicting!
They are adorable!
Thanks! Yours are pretty too!
Welcome from Luann, Ekim & Delila, you are going to love us. You have a bunch of beautiful boxer babies and we can't wait to get to know them better. Send lots of pics.

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Beautiful babies!!!  Love that tongue  :lol:
Soooo cute!!! Beautiful Boxers and WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!
:-h Welcome to the forum!
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