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Hi y'all! It's dreary here today but still warmer than my former home in Wisconsin. :) Happy to be joining a group where I can share and learn about boxer kids.

I've had three boxers in the past 6+ years.
Tala, a beautiful fawn girl with a white collar and sox. I adopted her six years ago and she passed in November from cancer. I miss her something fierce!! :cry2:
Mr. Howard, a handsome brindle senior of 14 who I adopted two years ago. He passed in March from old age. He was such a lover boy (aren't they all). :love:
Bruno, a rude and crazy fawn senior of 11 who I adopted two weeks ago. He has no sense of his size and wants to eat EVERYTHING. He's 27" high and should weigh about 70-75 lbs. He's my first drooler! :(

I also have a YorkiePoo, Tinkerbelle, that I adopted from a rescue group at 8 weeks. She is 12+ now and is my velcro doggie. Tala took care of her as if she was her puppy. The boys couldn't care less about her. LOL!

I have some questions maybe some of you can help answer and I'll post those in another thread. Thanks!
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