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Hi there!

I am the mom to a loving 5 year old boxer named Kramer. Kramer is my first boxer and my love for him is beyond infinite!

Kramer loves to eat, sleep and play ... usually in that order! His favorite type of play is usually with his dad MJ. He loves toys of all shapes and sizes ... he doesn't discriminate! He loves going for romps in the park, walks in the neighborhood where he is always on the look out for his fellow furry four legged friends, and he loves going for car rides where he can feel the wind in his ears!

Kramer has had a very loving and blessed life. As he continues to grow older his health concerns plague us. We hope that he still has many more years left in him so he can continue to bless our lives!

We're excited to join this new family of boxers and boxer lovers!

Kramer, KJ & MJ
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