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LMAO at those pics!!!!!!! WELCOME by the way!!! lol We are such a loving group of people!! The very first forum I was on and "garduated" from...........I know many of us on here know exactly which one Im talking about :wink: .......anyways they kicked me off for asking people to be Roxys friend on that Dogster site hahaha I guess I broke rule # 3669870978746983689777779670882349876!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:  :roll:  Anyways your obviously not a bad boxer mum lol Ive had many many things go wrong with Roxy by that I mean things swallowed, ect ect. Voltaires post brings back some nasty memories when Roxy(not even a year old yet) ran onto the pond(half frozen) and fell through! My heart sank and I started screaming!!!!! I wasnt sure of what to do because I was the only one there and she was in the middle of the pond. I yelled for hubby to help me(blood curdling screams) he didnt hear me but the neighbors came out and just looked lol What help they were!! Anyways she started to go down......I really thought I lost her at this point so I jumped in was breaking my way through the ice the whole time watching her tire and start to bob! Well I got to her and pulled her back to shore with me, walked up to the house to a baffled husband! I ran her into the bathroom and started putting warm water on her to bring her temp up! Her body was lifeless for about a minute. She finally came too and I just broke down crying! Ever since then she goes on leash during the winter months until the lakes are completely thawed!

Sorry this was long I just wanted to tell yall my terrible tragic story
CONGRATS on the little bundle too. When in Aug. are you due? My daughter was born Aug 6th 04!! I know where your coming from with the no time for the computer lol I just had my little boy 5 weeks ago! :(
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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