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As Shannon mentioned, it is next to impossible to completely puppy-proof your house and garden - all you can do is be as vigilant as possible.  In Tink's 11 months she has managed to find and ingest the following: the Tinkerbell charm off her collar (approximately 6.2 seconds after I put in on), a pair of rubber gloves, the cork from a bottle of wine, a full packet of cotton wool, at least 3 rolls of toilet paper, about a dozen clothes pegs and innumerable small sticks and stones.

Reading back on that, I probably sound like the world's worst pet owner!  But it consistly amazes me just how quickly she can swallow something!  Most of the pegs were eaten right in front of my very eyes - by the time I actually caught her to take them off her, they were gone!  I'm convinced she has a secret stash of them somewhere, because I haven't dropped a peg in months but I still keep finding chewed-up bits of them everywhere!
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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