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Hello and Welcome! Glad you decided to come out of hiding and introduce youself :) You boxer are just beautiful!! Love the action shot when they are flying into the water! Cant wait to hear more stories about them!
Hello & Welcome!  Maddy and Baxter are just beautiful!  Great pictures!
Welcome... they are really cute!
Hi  :-h  and welcome! Your babies are beautiful!
They are super cute.  How did you get your first by accident?
Thanks, Baxter is such a ham when the camera comes out...he hears it turn on and perks his ears up and tilts his head! We had a friend that had Maddy(he brought her from a pet store, at 4 months old), turns out she had an awful stomach after 4 months of constant accidents, he couldn't "handle her." All his vet would tell him was to change her food, he thought she was just allergic, which was NOT the case at all! So one day, him and my husband were working together and he told him he didn't know what to do blah blah blah. So I said, we'll take her....and off we went to a different vet and a year later she is healthy and happy!

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That is great that you guys took her.  Duke is the same way, whenever I get the camera he sits down in front of me, like take a pic of me.  I've never seen a dog that would do that.  He sits so still like I know what you are doing and I want to be in it.
Welcome!  What sweet babies you have.  They are very cute!
Welcome, glad you decided to post. They are both cuties.
Nice pics!
Hi and welcome to the Forum Maddie and Baxter.  Your babies are beautiful and we look forward to lots of pictures and hearing all about them.
How cute!! Welcome to the forum. Im sure you'll find it greatly useful for anything!
Hi there! Welcome to the forum!! Maddy and Baxter are beautiful! And I have a Maddy too :D Can't wait to see more pics!
Welcome to all of you...Maddy & Baxter look like great friends and having a good ole time chasing sticks....Look forward to hearing more about them...Mine also have that "thing" about the camera as well  :)
welcome. your babies are really pretty. i want a white boxer
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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