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This is the start of a series of articles from Lillyzmomma regarding training your boxer, or for that matter any dog! Enjoy and hope these will help everyone!

Hide and seek is an excellent way to teach your puppy recall and have fun!!!  

What you need:

Another person to hold the pup
A handfull of treats or a favorite toy

How to do it:

--Have your "partner in crime" hold the pup while you quietly walk out of site.  
--When you are effectively "hidden", begin calling the pup by name in an excited, happy, and playful tone at a higher than normal pitch (utilizing babytalk is effective as well; guys can do this without sounding like a girl).
--At this point your "partner in crime", should begin asking the pup, "Wher's mommy/daddy?", in a happy voice (also higher pitched).
--"Partner in crime" should release pup when they are excited, curious and reasy to seek out the idden person.
--Continue to call the pup (guide them to you with your voice) until they have found you ("partner in crime should follow the pup to help keep them focused on their goal).
--When the pup has found you, treat, praise and play to reinforce that coming to you is a great thing!!!


Vary where you hide to keep it interesting for your pup.  Start off easy and as your pup gets better at it, make it more difficult to find you.  Star in the house and as the puppy gets older and their recall gets better, take it outside!!!

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