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Hilarious Mid-air laser pointer pics!

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Haha... yeah that's how Odin looks at the door... didn't get pics of it though. Jetta doesn't seem to care as much.
lol, nope..Jetta won't really chase it...she kinda will pounce on it if it comes to her...she's very lady like and dainty...she also has figured out where the light comes from and will sit and stare at the laser in my hand, lol...Bo goes psycho with it...foaming at the mouth, and then just plops down when we're done...What's really funny...haven't gotten a pic when Jetta wants to play with Bo...and he wants the laser...she will latch onto his collar and pull him back while he is straining and pulling to get to the he is pulling her across the room full speed...she has her breaks on and he is frantically trying to catch the quick red light that flits all around the room!
dang near jumped through the door... them babies get some height..
so I need to get me one of these things cause they seem like a ton of fun for both sides
and a good way to burn some energy indoors when it gets tooo chilly outside.
Any idea where I can get one?
Our local pet stores carry them for like $6, the one I have is a pen with a laser pointer and a flashlight on was like $5 at a gas station
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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