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Hondo's first holloween

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Needless to say he was chicken.

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That's a cute chicken... I should've dressed Bo up for his first Halloween, but I didn't.  Will next year though.
:lol: That's hilarious! He looks so confused.
Hahaha....poor hondo! But, he looks very cluckin' cute!  :lol:
oh my, the look on his face.....That is a great pic :)
LOL!  Hondo doesn't look too happy!  Very cute though!
Great costume, he looks sad but cute.
he looks like he is saying "why, why did u do this to me" lol... he is so cute though lol
Zhanna\";p=\"44532 said:
Poor thing, he looks so pathetic! :lol:
You think that was pathetic you should have seen him chase his wings in circles till he got dizzy and fell over LOL!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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