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This was on our news last night.  A beagle/pit bull mix puppy was found wandering the streets.  The poor babies ears had been cut off to the skull and were infected and swollen.  He was taken to the animal services and is being treated there.  The poor little thing was just so sweet and kissing the workers there even after all it had been through!  They have no idea who did this to him.

Two nights ago they reported that someone had shot a pet with an arrow when it was let out to potty.  It came back a few minutes later and colapsed in the garage with an arrow sticking out of his leg.  What is WRONG with people???  I would love to take an arrow and shoot the idiot that did this!

Here is the link to the story and picture, he is very cute. ... ounty.html
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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