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house trainin

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i have a 6 month old boxer who i adore but have not managed to house train. he is great when im in the house and never pee's but as soon as i leave he pee's or poos doesn't matter if im out 4 an hour 2 or more by the time i get back he has pee'd and shredded the newspaper i dont believe in usin cages and it is a small room he is in already

could my 10 year old boxers incontience be encouragin him to pee
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Welcome to the forum and we hope to see pictures of your puppy and senior.  I'm sorry I don't know what to tell you if you don't want to crate your puppy while you are away.  He probably needs to be confined in a very small area where he won't want to soil his bed while you are gone or the problem will just go on.  All I can suggest is make sure you take him out to relieve himself before you leave and then as soon as you get back.  Perhaps you could practice leaving him for a very short period of time (like starting with 10 minutes) and then return so he gets the message that you will be back and then praise him when he hasn't made a mess.  I'm sure there are people here that can help more than I - but most of us do use crates to house train and also as a way to keep them safe when you can't be with them.
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Could be separation anxiety too.  Oggie likes to pee when I leave the house.  Hell, he does it sometimes when I just leave the room.  I'm gradually having him spend time away alone from me so he gets used to being alone.  6 month olds still have accidents.  Although 6 months seems a little old to still be paper training him.  He hasn't been going outside when you take him?
Welcome to the forum....It very well could be a bit of separation anxiety, even tho you have another boxer...And it also could be if he is seeing your older boxer peeing inside, he may feel that it is ok...They learn from each other, so very possible...Have you taken the papers outside and placed then where you want him to relieve himself? Sometimes that does help too...
the papers still there cos even if it isn't he still wee's where it would have been he asks out when were there and most of the time manages at night when he is alone that is why it puzzles me wh he waqs left 4 2 hours today and he had wee'd
maybe a cage is somethin im gonna have to try but worry he is to old to get used to it now
Does he go if you leave for 5 mins?  20 mins? 30 mins? etc etc

If he goes right away its probably not a bladder issue, its anxiety.  Gradually try seeing how long he can be alone.  I've read once you can trust a dog for 30 mins alone, they are probably ready to be trusted for a few hours.  

You'll have to narrow down the causes here before you can treat the problem.  If it is anxiety, well I don't have any magical advice because I'm going through the same thing, but I am trying a bunch of things.
see thats the thing 30mins is ok any more then an hour and i could come home to a mess although if im with him it can be hours till he asks out weird little boy  :?
Honeslty, dont get frustrated.    My Hanna took up to about a year to train.  Some take longer than others and since he is 6 months old, I would not worry to much.

On the older boxer, I know when we got Kash and he has accidents, Hanna relapsed due to having his scent in the house.    We made sure we kept ontop of every accident with an enzymatic cleaner to get rif of the scent.   When there was a relapse, its was back to beginnings on potty training.  Funny to do it with a year and a half year old boxer!!!

I used to use in the beginning pee pads as you do newpapers.  However, its harder IMO to retrain them to go outside after you train them to go inside on the papers / pads.   So with the second, he does not even know what they are for.   He is coming up to 6 months and still will have an accident here and there.    I would just go back to basics treat the best thing he loves when he does good.  

Good Luck!
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Yeah, just keep at it.  If he can last 30 mins, then try going out for 40 mins.  Just gradually increase the time.  I know life gets in the way and sometimes you gotta leave him longer but then either crate him or gate him off in an area where you can clean up the mess easily.   Hey, I'd love to be able to leave Oggie for 30 mins and know for sure he's not going to take a whizz.... And he's crated! It could be worse!
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