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How big is your pup?

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How old is your pup, and what do they weigh? Do you know what he/she's parents weighed?

Our 12 week old pup has a vet appointment today (so I'll update then) but I think she's at least 20lbs. Her mother was 60lbs, father 95lbs. We're hoping she takes after her mother!!
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Fredo is 7 1/2 months and 60 lbs. No clue about mom and dad though.
My Copper is 15weeks old and weighs 35lbs. I think he is going to be Big real Big.
Sam is almost 2yrs. and 68lbs. Lucy is 10 mos. and weighs 45lbs.
Maddie will be 3 in March and she weighs 65 pounds and is almost 24 inches tall. All muscle!  :D
sumya is almost 10 months and weighs 55 pounds.
Henry is 16 months old.  Last I checked, he was 60 pounds.
Luther is 11 months old.  He will be turning 1 on January 31st.  

He is 26" and about 70 pounds.  He is a big boy.
Delila is 5 months old and weighs 30 lbs
Oscar is 18 weeks old and he weight 38 pounds two weeks ago I'm assuming he is now around 40 pounds  I think he will be very big in the future :)
I just took Bella to the vet. She is 13 weeks old, and weighs 20lbs exactly. I think she's going to be larger than our 4 year old!
Duke will be 1 on the 19th and he is around 70lbs (and he still thinks he's a lap dog).  His dad was around 85 to 90 lbs I believe and I'm not sure on his mom.
Oggie is about 6 months and 47 pounds.  He's all ribs, somedays I can even see his spine.  I feed him like 5 times a day.  If he ever fills out I'm afraid he's going to start controlling my meals   :lol:
Cato is 12 weeks old and he is 17.5 lbs
As of Monday Kaci is 36 lbs at 19" and Milo is 63 lbs at 23". He's lost some weight lately, but he's usually 65-70ish. I'm not sure how big either of their parents were.
Izzy was 8 weeks old Saturday and she weighed a whopping 7 lbs. 13 ounces  :D
Both Charlie and Sadie were over 20lbs. by 12 weeks.  Charlie is almost 2, very tall and weighs around 75lbs., Sadie is 10 months old, short and stalky, and around 60lbs.
Jetta is just over 5 months old and 2 weeks ago was 31 lbs...She has grown up since then and went from rolly polly to skin and she prolly 35 or so now...

Bo is almost 11 months old...and two weeks ago was 46 lbs...he's been this weight for nearly 2 months
Rodimus is now 14 weeks old and  is 29 lbs.  Both of his parents were 85 lbs.


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harley is 4 months and is 43 pounds
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