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How big will our babies get?

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OdinsDad brought up something, so I thought I would move my response and start a separate thread regarding this...He was asking how big Odin might get and when he would be considered an adult....

I had always "assumed" that once they turned a year, that Bam, they were adults..Not so with boxers...When Buck turned a year, I had him into the vets for his checkup and commented that my baby was now an adult...He laughed at me!!! Went on to educate me about boxers...Boxers have a long puppyhood..Actually aren't really considered adults til they are 3..The growing will pretty much stop at a year, but it's not uncommon to see a spurt at about 18 mos...Then they will start filling out.. A full grown male should stand between 22 1/2" to 25", a female between 21" to 23 1/2"..Weight-wise, that's a bit harder..It kinda depends on your boxer...Now Samson, is a big boy, he's very stocky, always has been, he's also a wee bit overweight..I think he weighs close to 90 lbs..Which is too much guys!!! You do not want your baby that heavy...Buck was fairly tall and all muscle and weighed in at 69 lbs...That's a lot better..Angel weighs about 55 lbs.. The more weight they carry, the harder it is on the joints...You want to see that lovely indentation at the hind end, that's a boxer trait...Seeing a bit of ribs is fine, just as long as the spine is not showing....
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None of the boxers we have had have been anywhere near the same size.  Our baby now is already bigger than any we have had before and he is only 14months old so he still has some filling out to do.  He is bigger than breed standards at this point and much bigger than our girl but his dad was really big too.   Our rescue was the smallest but she had been treated pretty horribly by the time we got her which may have stunted her growth.  The only thing for sure is the puppy stage lasting at least 3 years, they have all had that....I think it may even be longer than that for the boxer!  :D
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