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How bout any boxer owners in Corn picking Nebraska?

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Just seeing if their are any other NE boxer owners on here? if there happens to be a few post up pics of your boxer!
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Collen is from Nebraska.... And I was suppose to move to Nebraska..but the job got put on hold, and dang, you're taxes are high....and my Groovy Girl (my avatar pic) is from Ogalala, Nebraska...And my best friend just moved back here from Wilbur, NE.......
Thanks...sorry..I meant Colleen is from NE. And yeah...we were looking at a $70,000 house (house prices are pretty cheap there) and the taxes were $1,900. I almost sh!t......Our $70,000 houses here (we don't have any that low) but..their taxes are around $300 a year. And then I guess in NE ya'll also have to pay state income's a bumber..But being in Wyoming..we have a great deal of husker fans here..just drive around here on a Saturday..and all ya see is NE flags, and Herbie Huskers out in the front yards...I'm a Pokes fan myself..
Just moved to I'm just few hours away from the cornhusker
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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