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How long do toys last

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How long do toys last for you?

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How long do the toys for your boxer last?
I seem to get about a week or two before they are destroyed.  Except for our red Kong that has lasted almost 8months.
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Depends on the toy.  Henry is usually pretty careful with stuffed toys, until he decieds they don't need to be stuffed anymore! :lol:   But after he has unstuffed them, he is still pretty careful.
Soccer balls only last a couple of days.  He loves them, but destroys them.  I don't think he has put together that if he destroys the ball, it's no more play.
He could really care less about the kong.
We must be blessed with a pair of excellent Boxers. They do not destroy anything. Geez Donner still has his first toy he came home from the breeder with.  :bsty: We could not ask for a better pair.
Kiah destroyed her soft toys within a couple of days when I first got her but now that she is older she doesn't destroy them anymore; just loves to squeak them.  She wore out the squeaker in a soft ball I got her for Christmas but now the squeaker just makes a poping sound and it is one of her favorite toys.
It really depends on the toys, the soft plush ones tend to meet an early demise...I think one week I threw out like 6 toys, Angel was on a roll  :lol: Wubbas are still great, we have some stuffed toys still, but the Harley Davidson toy has been her favorite, but she wore out the little motor inside and it doesn't zoom zoom anymore, so she's upset :( I have been buying more toys lately that are not so easy to destroy, like Cuz, Ruffians and rope toys....
Thats funny i found this post because I was going to start a new one.....I got Duke this new toy, It said virtually Indestructible,  30kg pulling strength, reinforced seams.  And said satisfaction guranteed. It was a fabric dragon with minimal stuffing and a squeaker lined with this stuf called Chew Guard Technology, It was a thick mesh.  So I thought what the heck lets throw some more money down the drain on new toys.. :D  So as i bought it I joked with the cashier and said am i really guranteed to get my money back if he does rip it apart and he said that they werent sure yet bc the toys were new and that if it was ripped in under a week to bring it back, I said" it will be in pieces in 15min. so Im sure I will see you tomorow"  He thought I was crazy ....But sure enough I got home we were playing tug and fetch and next thing I know, he is holding it down with his paws and pulling with his mouth 20min of play time is what we got before stuffing and pieces were everywhere.  so we stick to the kong toys and nylabones...Thank God he doesnt chew on other things!! :lol:
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Well toys around here as long as they squeek they will last a few weeks....but if something happens to the squeeker Maggie rips it apart (i think she is trying to figure out why it won't squeek anymore) with stuffing all over until she finds the plastic little sqeeker, then once she finds it she finds another toy.
[quote="samsonsmom\";p=\"75646":375jugpc]It really depends on the toys, the soft plush ones tend to meet an early demise...I think one week I threw out like 6 toys, Angel was on a roll
Ours are pretty good with toys, we have a few, that we got when we brought Maddy home. Everyonce in a while, they get over zealous and play tug a war and a toy is history! Its good to know they arent the only ones to  wear the squeaker out  and then it just kinda rattles. But yet they still love em!
There's a post in the Show off section called "Motorcycle Momma" it shows the toy..I found it at my local petstore, it's a soft toy with a motor inside that sounds like a Harley running, really cool....We have 2 Wubbas and to be honest, they don't get played with much, Samson isn't a "toy" Boxer and Angel seems to prefer soft squeakies, but a lot of dogs like them..It is a good play toy, but a few on here have said their Boxers have demolished them in a couple days..I like the treat Kong, but all their toys are really good...As far as the rawhides, I would stay away from those..I like Nylabones better, as your Boxer chews, only small slivers are taken off and are totally digestible..I also like the Healthy Edibles by Nylabone..Bullky sticks are also a good alternative too  :)

Here's the website link, but they are out of stock right now  :( ... ist-3.html
The ONLY long term thing we have is the Kong.  We have stuffed one's with no stuffing and squeekers with no squeeker left...Fiona is pretty rough on toys.  We get to the point we just throw them all away and start over.  Until then she carrys her floppy and non-squeekers around still..........
depends on the toy..  my mom bought jessie and maggie a big ball and its lasted since christmas and looks like it will last a while longer too... any stuffed animal is destroyed almost instantly.

Ropes and nylabones last a long time
Thanks for all the tips on toys for our Boxer boy, Zero. We'll be getting him a Nylabone soon and I'll check out the website for the Harley Davidson toy. He seems to like toys that make noise. He loves the stuffed animals, too. I might get Zero a Wubba. I also checked out the bully sticks on the website for Petsmart. I think he would definitely love that.

Thanks for all the great ideas.

It is raining now and I have the window open. Zero seems to love the sound of the traffic and the rain. Which, I guess makes sense, since he was an outsdie dog before we got him.

He is so spoiled now he doesn't want to got outside to potty or for wallks if it is raining.
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