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Voltaire was such a difficult eater when he was small - now i make sure he always has a full bowl of food. According to a 'dog book' i had when he was a pup you were supposed to put food down 3 times a day and take it away 15mins later whether he'd eaten or not  :? - to get into a rhythm. Voltaire just wasn't into eating this way. :(  I know it's not the ideal but now he eats the quantity he wants when he wants. He eats small amounts 6/7 times a day and i've even heard him get up in the night to eat. Some days he eats a little and the next day a lot more. I'm not promoting this method in the least - just letting you know what works for him. And if he starts to get chubby (no risk at the moment) i'll regulate the quantity. I know with two dogs this wouldn't work - especially if you've got a greedy one! :D
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