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I feed Cali 2 x a day, and sometimes she will even sneak a lunch in with me at work, because Mom will feed her pups, and Cali gets in on the action, but that is rare. She is doing great. I would also not reccomend feeding only 1 time daily, definately 2x a must. I am still not sure on a food yet, she is 9 1/2 weeks, and I started her on Canidae all life stages 2-3 weeks ago. She has been having digestive problems, stool problems, etc, and I am not sure if it is the food or what, so I started a blan diet, rice and cottage cheese, then ditched the cottage cheese and added chicken, and now slowly adding "By Nature" puppy chow with chicken breast boiled and rice. She is doing good with that. Be carefull about what your dog eat!! Pay close attention to what suits her best is all I can say.
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