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How Long........

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I have had Gisselle for 2 weeks now, and to me it doesn't look like she has put any weight on. They checked her for worms when we went to the vet it was negative. I feed her 3 meals a day. I know that it will take a little while tp get some weight on her, but how long?Has anyone had to put weight on a Boxer before? How long did it take you? Her hip bones are still prominate.
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We have had Savannah now for about a month. she lost weight when we first got her, so she had to pack that weight PLUS an additional 5-10 pounds. She since has put on about 5 pounds (the ones she lost orginially) and is still needing to pack on more.  you can see her backbone, and more than the last two ribs-more along the lines of the last 4. She looks well, just underweight from her having pups in Jan and then being spayed. I hope to have the weight back on her within the next month or two. not sure how much this helps, but keep us posted. i am adding chicken and rice to her food every other day to try and help the weight stick.
I forget, how old is she? The weight gain will take time, it's better if it's done gradually anyways...Try also adding a bit of low fat, plain yogurt to her food..It taste great, helps with gas and dogs love it....Also get her  kong, available at all pet stores...Fill it with low fat yogurt & peanut butter, freeze it for a few hours and let her have at it...Besides being a great way to keep Giselle busy, there's a lot of protein in that peanut butter also....Add a chopped banana for variety too.
[quote="samsonsmom\";p=\"7002":1x73scx2]I forget, how old is she? The weight gain will take time, it's better if it's done gradually anyways...Try also adding a bit of low fat, plain yogurt to her food..It taste great, helps with gas and dogs love it....Also get her
we tried the yogurt with Savannah and at first she liked it, but then kinda refused to eat if it was in with her food (glad i bought the little container :)) You would want to keep the yogurt seperate from the chicken.  Maybe mix yogurt in the morning for "breakfast" and then possibly the chicken and rice for "dinner".  


on the kong- when mixing yogurt in with it then freezing. what is the recommended time from when it is pulled out of the freezer to when it should be taken up becuase the yogurt may not be good anymore? Savannah will mess with it, then walk away, then come back, and walk away. its a cycle with her, and i just dont want her getting sick because the yogurt got too warm or was left out too long.
Lol, Andrea, I have never had that happen with mine, but after she walks away, if she doesn't come back in say 5-10 minutes, I'd shove it back in the freezer...
Yeah...once the kong comes doesn't last too long!  :lol:
Yeah-what can i say?? my bunch is a little odd :D thats ok though-that is what makes them special!  :lol:
Andrea: I think it was a post from you about Savannah finally playing with her toys,
How long did it take for her to do that? Gisselle still won't play with any. :(
Savannah actually didnt even touch her toys until she saw Reese playing with them.  She is a very skittish girl who shyed away from any loud noise or raise of a hand. We couldnt play catch or anything becuase i think she though she was going to get smacked. not sure. We have had her a little over a month, and she just started playing with her toys last week. She has opened up a lot though since she first got here. If i remember correctly you rescued Gisselle from a bad situation correct?  if so her and savannah have some things in common-other than age :)  she will take some time to understand and trust the fact that all you want to do is love her and give her the best. Savvy wouldnt go near my boyfriend-she would stick to me like glue-now she barely ackowledges i am there unless we are working on her "manners" (i.e sit, laydown, shake, stay)  I would work with one toy at a time, and put the rest up. Once she understands that the toy is for fun and not going to hurt her, things will progress from there. Make sure the toy you have is a squeaky toy, not one with a ball attached. That is what we did with Savannah. Keep me/us posted on how she is doing.
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Tink LOVES yoghurt on its own or in the Kong, but she won't touch it if it's mixed in with her kibble (I tried that once and the whole lot ended up going in the bin!)

Seeing as the weather has been so fab here lately, I've also started making "ice lollies" for the dogs.  I squeeze a few oranges, dilute the juice with water and then pour it into ice lollie moulds and freeze them.  A few hours later they're a lovely cold treat for the mutts.  My pair absolutely LOVE them.

Andrea, it really seems like Savannah has come out of her shell a lot since Reese arrived.
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