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How much is too much after neuter?

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G Bo is the typical Boxer...was already rearin' and ready to go as soon as we picked him up yesterday from the vet...we put him in his crate all night last night and all day today minus bathroom breaks etc...He was eating like a cow already yesterday and drinking, and is pooping and peeing already just fine...HOWEVER....if we let him out of his crate...all he wants is to run, play, jump, chase, and roughhouse with Jetta...if we let her out and not him, he gets upset and freaks out in his crate and vice right now we either have to keep both in the crate, or both out...and if we let out...they run play jump...and I don't want him to have complications...there is almost no swelling right now (just a little bruising, etc) incision looks good...when can they start many days etc?
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I'm not sure how long you should try to keep him quiet.  Are his stitches the kind that dissolve or have to be taken out?
Maybe you can tether him to the coffee table or a doorknob to keep him from running as much.
Give him a nice frozen kong or 10 :)
LOl, they are the kind that dissolve...we tried tying him up...and jetta up on the other side of the house...jetta almost broke her neck trying to get off the leash...and tried to chew her way through...Bo cried and cried and cried...he has sooo much pent up's driving him crazy...what is a good way to help him get rid of that energy without risking harming his incision?
Try working on his training one on one.  Give him some mental stimulation.
I feel ya Baxter just got his done Tuesday and I tried to keep him still but no such luck my six year old doesn't understand and Baxter thinks he's super dog and is in full blown puppy mode.
I dont know what to do if he gets out of his crate he's a mad man until he settles down. I'm not sure.
At least he runs in the house and plays not big long full runs out sided.
I don't know how to keep a puppy from being a puppy unless he stayes in that crate. I'm just trying to limit his playing.
I feel so stupid!  I know we went through all this, but I just don't seem to remember! :lol:
I would call the vet and get his take on the situation.  As long as Bo is not hurting himself, then he should be fine. :?:
Probably three - five days on the keeping him still.  Leash walks and not jumping and playing with the girl.  It really helps keep the swelling down if you do restrict the activity.  I think I kept mine still 3 days when he had his done and it wasn't easy but worth it.

Well I haven't had Herbie neutered yet, but Maggie was spayed three weeks ago.  She was a mad woman the day after running and jumping and skretching down the hallway to the bed and back to the couch again.  I called the Vet and he wanted to give her sediatives (no happy at all about that), so I basically sat on the floor with her rubbing her and working on basic commands, I would take her out to potty and straight back in.  We chose to use a bitenot collar instead of a E-collar, which seemed much better because she could actually see her surroundings.  I gave it a week, monitored her incision, and then just limited the jumping until the stitches were out.  As nano said above it was not easy, but her incision looks great now.   Good luck guys!!
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