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How smart is your boxer????? Try the Dumb Stick Test

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Throw a stick and let your boxer retrieve it and then throw the stick on a trampoline and see if your boxer can work out how to get it.  Easy????  You think your boxer will just jump on to it and get the stick?  Well check out the video of Zara here and have a look at her problem solving technique.  

(Yes she has jumped on to the trampoline many times and in fact she could quite easily jump over the whole damn thing...but where would be the boxer fun in that???)
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ZaraBoxie\";p=\"28037 said:
where would be the boxer fun in that???)
LOL, indeed!   A Boxer knows how to make the most mundane things amusing.  I swear, I was so NOT a "dog-person" before I got to know this breed.  I actually thought cats provided the most amusement.  Color me WRONG!
LMAO   omgggggg that was sooooo funny to watch!!! That made my morning
LOL..Zara is precious and that video cracked me up!
Very smart girl!  Great video and fun to watch!
lol, very cute
too cute! my dog poops under the trampoline and when whoever is picking it up tyson gets on top and jumps on their head too funny! does your pup also jump on the trampoline?
how cute is that! i could throw a stick or something similar for the girls to fetch and they would look at me like "and just who do you think i am?" then proceed to walk in the opposite direction of the stick!!
How cute was that!!  Smart boxer indeed!!  Gunnar LOVES to jump on the trampoline with my daughter or by himself, but Ginger doesn't seem to care for it one bit.  She much prefers to ride on the 4 wheeler with my daughter!!
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