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how to "stuff" a kong ...

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How much do you fill the kongs with?  This is all new to me.  When I grew up with dogs, they lived in the back yard with some cheap dog food covered in leftovers or gravy my mom made for them.  Now, I'm researching dog food, buying toys like crazy, going to puppy school.  My hubby thinks I've gone cookoo!  But we do have a kong for Harvey, and I just don't know if you should put a tiny bit, a little, or fill that sucker up.  I do the kong when he's in his crate on my work days.  By the way, Harvey is a gorgeous almost 5 month old brindle!  Thanks for the info!

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I put about a tablespoon or two in there depending on what I am putting in.  Normally Peanut butter or PB and Yogurt or Yogurt and Bannana mash.  I freeze it (overnight) for the next day in the kennel...
rhonda welcome! i cant wait to see pics of Harvey.

As for the kong. I just take a spoonful  of pb and smear it in the kong (depending on the size more may be needed) There are times i will mash banana and yogurt and fill it then freeze it for a few hours. the girls really like this :)there are lots of different things it could be stuffed with.
I only give mine Kongs occasionally and usually if it's cos they have had a big exercise day, like meetup, so I tend to overload it, which is soo wrong I know.And it seems so pitiful to put such a small amount in this big ole Kong....For a puppy, a tablespoon should be more than enuf.....

Here's some other things you can add, I stole this list from Lisa  8O

Cheerios and peanut butter

Chunks of Apple and peanut butter

Cooked macaroni and melted (not runny) velveeta cheese

Bananas and unsweetened applesauce - freeze

Cream cheese, peanut butter, and applesauce - freeze

Applesauce with chunks of fruit - freeze

Bananas, cooked oatmeal, applesauce, and yogurt - freeze
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hey i havent seen that list. i may steal it  8O and save it on my computer :)
Lol Andrea, that's what I did, I forget, someone had run out of PB for the Kong and these were some suggestions...Always keep all this stuff anyways and it makes a nice change
Welcome! Ditto to what the others said. I love love love the name Harvey! Can't wait to see pics  :)
lord i got in trouble when i ran out of PB. the girls were NOT happy and let me know it to!!  i was trying to think of different things to use but in the end they just didnt get a kong because apparently my brain wasnt working! so the mac and is ok to give a dog pasta? just regular pasta or would whole wheat be better?
I don't put moist stuff in Bo's kong because I am afraid it will get bacteria in it... (I'm overly paranoid)  I just fill the sucker up with little dog treats... He goes crazy over it...
LOL it was me who ran out of PB the other day...but I tried plain cream cheese (Heather's suggestion) and Sadie loves it! I think she almost likes it better than PB  8O
Does it get all over the crate when it melts? I would hate for her to have to lie in peanutbutter all day.
freeze the kong for a few hours first, it makes a small mess, but not like what you would think...Mine slurp it up pretty fast so not much of a chance for a mess.... :lol:
Yeah I was gonna say...Sadie licks it up pretty fast, not enough time for it to melt enough for any to get out of the Kong. I also freeze overnight. And I wash mine in the dishwasher everyday, I sometimes have to put it through twice to get all of the bits out of the top  :)
I also put good quality canned food in our kongs and freeze them.  I put a few pieces of kibble in first since they can't seem to reach the top to lick the wet food out- that way it doesn't get stuck up there.

I like the banana idea- going to try that!
[quote="Mom2BoNLaila\";p=\"43337":38go56up]I don't put moist stuff in Bo's kong because I am afraid it will get bacteria in it... (I'm overly paranoid)
Re: how to

im going to have to try these conor loves his kong but usualy get everything out within 10 mins of getting it!!
Oh wonderful ! I'm planning on buying a regular Kong for our Jujubes, she has the pink non-stuffable 'baby' one with the handle and so far has only chewed the handle part. These recipes even sound yummy to me lol :)
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