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How to switch foods?

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Betty is going to be 8 months old soon! I can't believe it.  We are thinking about switching her from Nutro Max Puppy to Canidae very soon.  I was wondering how we should mix the food.  Is there a certain amount you should put in of each kind? how long do you have to mix before you can just switch over?  Sorry if this was already covered elsewhere...
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We are currently switching Beckham over from Solid Gold puppy to the adult food too, he's also 8 months.
We started out doing mixing just 1/4 cup adult with the puppy food each feeding the first week.  Since B wasn't having issues, the 2nd week we did 1/2 cup - 3/4cup mixed in and now (week 3) since he was just about out of his puppy food, we just mixed both bags together so it's mostly adult formula now (can only see a few kernels of puppy).  He's responded well and hasn't had the runs or any reaction to the new food.   Each puppy is different so just watch Betty closely and you should be able to tell if you can up the adult food amount or if you need to slow things down.  Good luck and just listen to what Betty is telling you :D
I recommend this system...

wk 1-- 3/4 old food to 1/4 new food

wk 2-- 1/2 old food to 1/2 new food

wk 3-- 1/4 old food to 3/4 new food

wk 4-- all new food

Hope this helps....
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