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how to teach your dog to "drop it"

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If anyone has a good method of teaching your dog to "drop it" id really love to hear it. Ive read up on training many other commands but have not come across this one. The reason id like to teach this is for when we are out on walks and he picks up an object i dont want him to have like a stick or something (doesnt really happen but just in case) or when we are playing fetch. Fetch is on of maverick's favorite games but when he comes back with the toy sometimes he will let me grab the toy but he wont let go. I dont want to get in a struggle for a toy with him or something (hope im explaining this ok). I think if he could learn a command like "drop it" it would be much easier. So far i have been telling him "drop it" and when he does so i praise him but he isnt catching on that well. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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I don't use the words "Drop It"  I use "release".  This is from being around my mom's service dog, that is the command they are taught.  When I taught Tyson, I would practice and when I got the correct behavior I would treat--over and over.  Tyson will not play with toys or balls, only sticks.

Well I would get a toy and a few tasty treats, I would encourage Ekim to play with the toy and I would make it a lot of fun. Then I would bring a treat close to his nose and say the words "Drop It", as soon as he dropped the toy for the treat I would praise him like crazy and give him the treat. If for some reason he won't drop the toy, I would gently remove the toy from his mouth and let it fall on the floor. Soon he realized that when I said drop It he would get the treat as soon as the toy hit the floor. When he mastered it I alternated treats and praise with petting.  

Way to go Lulu!  That's a great way to do it!

I don't really remember how we did it with Henry.  I just know that he knows what it means. :lol:   Does that make sense?  I'm such a ditz sometimes! :oops:
Jaxon loves all his toys and always wants to show us them.  When he brings them to us, we fuss over him and say drop it.  If he tugs at all, we let go and look away.  He, of course, brings it right back.  We don't play tug at all with him, so the instant he slightly tugs after "handing" us his toy, we let go.  I'm not sure we were correctly teaching him any techniques but it works.  He rarely tugs the toy and if he does the first time, he'll definitely drop it after we've ignored him, actually usually the second time he drops it beside us before we tell him to drop it.
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