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Howdy from KS!!

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Just stumbled upon this forum today. Thought it looked like a good place to visit. I've always been "owned" by a Boxer. Right now I belong to 6 of them. They do keep me busy! Looking forward to chatting and meeting new Boxer people!
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Welcome from Texas! Can't wait to see pics of all your pups!!
Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to pics and stories!! You'll love it here!
:-h Welcome to Boxer Forums! 6 Boxers?  8O  I think my husband would have me committed!  :p  There must never be a dull moment at your house! Would love to see some pics of your crew.  :D
Welcome to the forum.   I would love to have 6 but I would be living outside in my car while they enjoyed living inside :lol:
6 Boxers? You are a saint..Lol..Welcome to the forum, look forward to meeting all your babies
Welcome to the forum  :D Six boxers?? WOW, you must have some stories to share !!!
8O 6 of em?  I can barely handle 1/2 of mine!  Welcome from So Cal!!!
6!! holy moly! i cant believe it :D welcome to the forum and you will have to post pics of the pack !!
still waiting for some pix
YAy!! Another KS person. Where abouts are you in KS?

Thanks for the welcome! We are about 45 minutes west of Wichita. Yes, 6. Somedays I really could pull my hair out but wouldn't have it any other way. We live on a farm so it makes it a lot easier than living in town. They get to run and play a lot which helps with their high energy! :D Let me see if I can post some photos here...

Here is Taz laying by the fireplace. Her favorite place during the winter.

Sabre hanging out...


Mya who is Bitsy's daughter

Junior who is a son of Taz

Miss E after she was playing in the sprinkler

And this is Max..Unfortunately we had to put him down in Sept. He was an old man and it was time. He is the father of Bitsy and Taz.
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So since you have a lot of relatives I take it you breed your dogs?
Hello & Welcome!  Your boxers are georgeous!  So sorry to hear about Max, may he rip.
I will bet there is never a dull minute in your household. Welcome from central N.Y.  :dance:
You have a few generations there. Have you been breeding a long time?
I've worked with this line for about 10 years now. Before that I had a litter here and there. It's a line I've worked very hard at. There has been set backs but I think that happens in anything you do. We are pretty proud of our dogs. Once my kids are a tad bit older we would like to start showing or if I can afford a handler in the near future we might go that route instead.

Yes, Max was very special. He played football with my oldest son and last week when we were tossing the ball around he mentioned how he sure wished Max was around to still play. That was pretty hard. :(
Welcome and sorry for your loss.  My brother had a pom that he would play football with and it was hard for him as well I hope it gets easier for your son and the rest of you.
Holy moly that's a housefull!  Welcome to the site, sorry to hear of your loss.
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