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Wasn't going to reply until I read the last part. "He broke my heart." Not many dog owners can ever say that. It hurts almost as bad; maybe for some more, then when our human counterparts do. My "Boy/best dog I've ever had/1st dog/coolest dog/ smartest dog/ everybody wanted him dog" mistakenly bit me in the neck during a physical confrontation in my living room. Broke my heart that he made THAT mistake. I cried and tried but could never look at him again the same way and was forced to rehome him. Then he bit 1of 2 kids fighting in his new home and I put him to sleep. Put simply. THAT SUXS and I feel for you. I've loved every pup I've had since him. However, 25 years later I still have the physical/emotional scars and to this day I still miss having him. So keep you head up. Only time will time will this start to heal.
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