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I am new

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I am a new boxer mommy. I have 2 white boxer pups that are 16 wks old. Storm is completly deaf and Skye can only hear high pitched noises. I bought Skye from a breeder for my daughter for Christmas around the 1st week of December. A week later the breeder called me back and asked me if I would be willing to take a deaf one because the people who bought him did not want a "defective dog". Not realing that Skye was losing hearing I agreeded. I brought Storm home and found an obedience trainer who would work with me and teach me to sign with Storm.
When doing our homework with both pups noticed that Skye was watching more than listening took him to vet and realized he also was becoming deaf. I also have a 12yr old cocker Charlie who is blind and a 9yr cocker Taxi. A cat Jazzman who is 1.
I live in Tennessee. I have never had a boxer before and I would welcome any advice on any and everything.  Does any one else have a deaf boxer? Is there any thing I should be careful of? watch for?
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welcome to the forum... there are actually a few ppl on here w/ deaf white boxers, u will get lots of answers here

Would love to see some pics of your puppies :)
Welcome-- man you have a house full-- good for you :)
Welcome to the forum, you will absolutely love it here! I also have one deaf boxer, and signing is big help. Sounds like you have a full house! If you need any help with Storm, just PM me. I'd be glad to help.
working on getting camera to get pics. just got computer this week. I am glad to know I am not the only one who has deaf dogs. my family is giving me a hard time about the boys because they are gonna get so big their dad weighted 85lbs abnd their mom 60lbs
Hello and Welcome to the forum!! Kudos for taking that second pup...poor guy. I personally dont have a deaf boxer and i honestly amnot sure if anyone has one now. We do have some information in the puppy and training sections here. There is a TON of great info there. Please feel free to jump in....and yes we love pics :D
Well Welcome I am new here as well however cannot seem to pull myself away for too long!
Welcome! Congrats on your sweet babies! We have several people here with experience...and some who train with sign language just because it's VERY effective!  Hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do!  :)
Howdy from Texas and welcome! :D
Ky has Isis, Isis is deaf.  Maybe she can help too.
Welcome! Can't wait to hear more stories about your babies and see some pics!  :D
Welcome to the forum  :) Read thru the puppy & training topics for some great tips for teaching both hearing & deaf dogs...Yes we do have a few, and I believe that hand signals work very well. I use them a lot with both of mine and they can hear :)

What a shame tho, that those people brought Storm said they didn't want a "defective" dog. That is plain ignorance...Both your babies can learn anything that a hearing dog can :)
Welcome from Oklahoma. My boxer Merlin isn't deaf, but he just doesn't listen (sometimes)!  :lol:
Welcome to the forum! You'll love it here! I haven't dealt with deaf boxers... just one that has selective hearing.  :wink:
Welcome to the forum from Kiah and me.
Welcome from Texas! There are quite a few folks on here with deaf white boxers that will give great tips, I am sure. I have seen Stickys on training deaf dogs as well. You will like it here.
Good to see another person from Tennessee.  Pm me which part.  I live just north of Knoxville in the little town of Clinton.
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