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Odin does this. Not as much as he use to but I think it's because we spent more time teaching him "down" (lay down) than we did sit... so he thinks that he'll be mostly right if he just DOES IT! I've slowed it down by asking him other things instead, since he obviously knew 'down'. Then I noticed if I had the treat in the LEFT hand he'd anticipate me telling him "shake". So he'd automatically start lifting his paw before I'd say anything. So I started swapping hands with that command... and it's almost stopped.

They are so eager to please along with the simple fact that they WANT THAT TREAT! I think they can get a little carried away. I'm no expert but I'd just try shaking things up a little bit. Maybe even drop the command all together for a little while... it worked for Odin. I scramble things up and never say the commands too many times in the same sitting.

I would ALWAYS say "down" right after "sit" and that's where his laying down constantly came from. Now I say... "sit"... "shake"... "down"... "crawl"... "leave it"... etc. Then say them in a different order. I've noticed I've kinda started getting into this pattern so I've realized that and started making it more random... before he gets imprinted on that. SORRY didn't mean to make it so long!

Good luck! He's just so eager to please you!
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