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I Feel So Bad!!

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I finally bought Remi a cage, but he cries and tries to get out.  It's awful watching.  Is this normal???
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It's normal.  Dogs are naturally den creatures, and if you are careful not to use the crate as punishment, Remi will learn to think of it as a safe haven.

Jetta the "Road Warrior"
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I agree and it is also easier to crate them when you are leaving out the door.  If they hear you still there they are more restless in the beginning too....
All of mine have been crate trained and yes when they were little they just cried but now all I have to do is say is " crate" and they go with no problems. It will get better you just have to stick to it.
Okay 1 more maybe 2 questions!!

What am I suppose to put in the crate with him?  
Do you only suppose to put him in there when you leave?
I'd put a crate pad, a small little blanket and a Kong when you leave.

Id get him to use the crate all the time - try to make it his cool little place.  Keep it open when you are at home.  Anytime he goes into it on his own, then prase and reward.  Play the crate game. (I posted it - may have to do a search).   Just got to make him comfortable with it, and dont ever use it for punshment  :wink:

Good Luck, stay strong and it will work wonders!!
When we put Patch in his crate, we put his blanket and some toys in there. He woowoos and barks for a few minutes but then he is cool.

We only put him in there when the weather is too bad/cold to go outside and we are going to be gone for several hours.
Here's a great topic regarding crate training that you may find helpful ... pic&t=1630
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