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I wrote last week about the issues we're having keeping Gino in his crate while we're gone.  We moved a few weeks ago and now he is having seperation issues.  He's 10 months old and used to love his cage.  He would run right in every morning before I left for work.  Last week he destroyed his cage, our bed, our shoes, our couch, and went to the bathroom everywhere.  After getting everything cleaned I went and bought one of those really sturdy plastic crates with the metal bar doors.  Once I put it together I knew there was no way he could get out.  Well after putting him in it Friday morning I came home from work and found him on my bed.  He broke the door by caving it in.  I have no idea how in the world this dog is doing this??  At night he walks right into his crate to sleep, it must be the confinement that he suddenly has an issue with.  I can't afford another $150 crate, so we were thinking about just keeping him in our bedroom with the door closed.  Any thoughts at this point?
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