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I missed Frankie's first

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woo woo, i'm gutted I was out getting dinner and she woo wooed at my hubby when he was playing the drums, he was all excited and tried to get her to do it again, but she didn't.  So hopefully it wasn't  a one off!!! I love woo woo's!!!
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ahhh, that stinks!!  maybe it was a fluke and she was just practicing to woo woo really good for you :D
I hope so!!!
I hope she will WooWoo more for you, I love it too.  Kiah won't keep it up if I try to get her to do it, sometimes if I ignore her she will do it more and sometimes she will just end up barking at me since I am ignoring her  :lol:
I'm still waiting for Daisy's first woo-woo! LOL! She has just never ever done it!
I'm sure Frankie will do it again for you!

im waiting also...mav makes some weird grunt bark howl type noise when he is talking but i dont think it is woo sure your girl will do it again..she knows how to now.
Gaby likes to woo woo to get my attention and get me to come back when I'm not in the same room with her, it's so funny, I can hear her throughout the whole house :lol:
hopefully she'll do it again. Phoenix did it for the first time a week ago but I think it was a one time thing...she makes enough funny noises already!
Woo Woo's are the best aren't they? Maybe she likes the drums  :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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