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I swear there are hardly any breeders in my area!!!

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OK, so after looking at the avalible boxers at the rescue in the area I have decided to try and find a puppy.  The boxers at the rescue at very beautiful but I want a younger one and there are more females then anything and I know that it would be best to get a male.  

So does anyone know of a good breeder around Omaha, NE?  I want a good healthy dog and am willing to pay a pretty good price but not my whole paycheck, if you know what I mean.  

Thanks for the help.

I will be willing to drive at least 5 hours.  I don't believe that is too far.
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See the "Good breeders in Florida" thread in General boxer Forum.
Unfortunately I visited those sites already.  I have probably went to every site possible.  I did find someone close to my parents house its only like 40 mins from here and she seems really nice but not exactly what I want.  I mean her boxers look nice and she is more then willing to let me come to her house and see her dogs but.....she doesn't have them health tested she doesn't give a health guarentee and so on.  She just breeds and sells.  I mean I know her vet personally and I think I could get alot of information about her from him and we go to the same chiropractor so I could talk to him about her too to she what he thinks but that still doesn't give me a health guarentee.
Sorry, I just assumed that most breeders involved with the boxer club would be involved in the show circuit and also health test the dogs they show and breed.
Good luck in your search :)

Look under your state - Also be aware that just because they are listed here, do not mean that they most likely health test and what not.  So best to search Newcasle's site and then gather some questions to ask.

GOOD LUCK - also check out some shows in your area  -  its a great free way to meet some breeders, their dogs and see them at shows!!!

Thank you for all the help.... I'm excited but its a frustrating search.
It can be very frustrating and it also can take a long time, but in the end well worth it if you wait for a good puppy...How far you willing to travel to find a breeder? You may want to expand your search, if you haven't to cover a wider area...Rhonda had one couple that drove 20 hrs to pick up a pup from one of her litters....
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