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I think he likes the snow

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This is his first snow.He ran & bucked like a horse & ate alot of snow  :lol:

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WhooHooo Snow Day!!! What a happy little face, glad he had fun! :D
Haha, looks like he enjoyed quite a bit! Lexie and Sammy enjoy their first snow today as well.. Lexie was digging through it and she had it all over her face!

Awww, look at that face....Yup, I think he liked the snow...That is cute  :)
He looks like he had fun in the snow.  Love the snowy face.
:D Looks like so much fun!
too cute!
That is so cute! What a face!
Looks like fun!  We got a light dusting the other night, but not enough that the dogs wanted to play in it!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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