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I think someone is trying to tell me

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okay ive been thinking about getting another boxer for my harley, but every turn leads me to a dead end.. its either too far or somthing wrong..

well tonight after the boxer i talked about here (it was too far away *sniff*).. i had decided to just let the idea slip out of my head and figured if it were meant for me to get another boxer then id find one and if not then i wouldnt sweat it any..because i have my harley

sooooo i open up my mail to see if my mother had got back to me and saw a message just titled "Boxer" from my friend.. turns out she has to give up her baby girl and said that she would feel better knowing i had her because she knew she would be taken care of.

could this be a sign?..haha

here is a pic of her.. im going to let harley and her meet in the morning to see how it goes.. ill keep you all posted


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wow i hope it works out. shes a cute boxer.
I hope they get along well and you can bring her home.
Awwww, what a sweetheart...Hope it works out
okay we met with the little girl.. and belive it or not something is BAD wrong with her.. i told my friend to get herr to a vet asap.. she is pooping blood.. and lots of it. and she looks pregnant.. i followed tonya my friend to my vet.. hes very flexy on price.. im waiting on an update now.
Hoping she is allright..Odd that the owners didn't notice this, or is that why they wanted to get rid of her?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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