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I went to see the expectant Mommy today!

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Oh my goodness, she's about to bust  8O I felt the puppies too..It was soo awesome...Rhonda thinks she may have been off a day or 2 on the due date, so I'm going to start pacing now...I also plan on being there for the delivery! Hope I don't faint  :lol: On a sadder note, her beloved stud Keegan passed away a couple months ago, cancer, he was 7...Just wasn't the same not seeing him there...She also took back a lovely 7 mo white female, the owners had made an appt to get her spayed, assumed the vet knew not to give ACE (Key word there is assume)..Apparently when they put her under, she had a heart attack....Now she's living on borrowed time, she's on meds for the rest of her life. How ever long that is....How sad is that? The girl is just lovely, but in all good conscience, Rhonda cannot re-home her, so she's keeping her....
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Oh my how exciting!
How exciting!! I cant wait to hear about the delievery! How sad about the white puppy!
so excited for you willow! :D  can't wait to see LOTS of pics.! that is so sad about keegan and the the poor little white pup. :(
I am so excited that you get to be there for the birth.

So sorry to hear about Keegan, that is so sad.  Keegan is the name that I had picked out for my male when I rescue in April (if I don't like the name he already has or his name doesn't seem to fit him).  Thought that Kiah and Keegan sounded good together.
Oh how exciting for you to be there when those little pups are born, sounds like it will be a wonderful experience!.........So sad though to hear about Keegan, he was still so young :( , and the poor little white pup :( god bless that little girl...
Well that must be hard going there and having so many different things pulling at your emotions. So yes... definitely start pacing!! I'm sorry to hear about her stud! Poor boy and the white puppy... how horrible!!
Ok all I can say is the sire of that litter is to die for. He not only has fab structure but the pigment - please take my right arm (im a lefty) but no....Willow, I am soooo happy you will get a pup from this mating.  The ped. is amazing and you will have your perfect son really soon!!!!
How exciting! I would be losing my mind from excitement!
That's so sad to hear about her stud passing away but atleast his memory will live on in all the puppys.
My heart goes out to the poor white girl...hope she still gets to enjoy some time. Its awesome to hear that the
previous owner brought her back to the breeder.

Can't wait to see some pictures of the itty-bitty babies!
WhooHooo, won't be long now!!!!! How exciting that you'll be there for the birth of your new boy :lol:  I was very sorry to hear of Keegans passing and the white girls trouble with ACE. Hope she's able to enjoy every minute before she has to leave,poor girl.
Anyway, the puppy countdown has begun.....can't wait :lol:
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