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If you won't walk me

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I'll walk myself
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The second and third pix just reminds me that some ppl shouldn't have dogs or children.  Great pics man!!!!
Amen to that Liz - I always look to you for a good laugh Dan, and Ringer looks like he's just having a little go at getting himself ready to go out for a stroll.  Always fun seeing pics of him.  Poor neighbors dog - call animal rescue or the police and report animal abuse.  Cops had animal abuse almost as much as child abuse!!! At least they did when I was one.
aww RInger tellin him its gonna be ok :( on those fools..thats not right !!!...such an aweful thing to do ..
I think Ringer is trying to tell you something Dan..... :) Those last pics pissed me off, some people have no business having pets....Looks like a cutie too :)
Ringer is so funny.  Any way you can dog nap the dog and get him in a good home????
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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