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Illinois Boxer Owners

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I am so happy that this got added....

I have two boxers.  Attila & Daphne.  And we live in Kankakee, IL.
Anyone else from Illinois?  If so just post stating you live in Illinois and the city.
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I live an Kankakee County.  Which is about 1.5hour drive to the Chicago Boxer Meetup.
Pepper is a georgous little girl.  I am thinking of starting a different boxer meetup in Illinois that will be at my house in my fenced in yard, that way a better surface to play on, and food/sitting for all humans, and clean restrooms (lol)....

its just an idea, the wife is okay with it, so if anyone else interested let me know and I will create a new topic on here.  And oh yeah no fee to come.....
I am originally from south side of Chicago but have migrated to northwest Indiana. I cannot help myself but to let the people know that are near the Kankakee area of an absolutely wonderful vet that is in Bourbonnais that I go to -- yes, I travel from Indiana to Bourbonnais to see her! She's all natural/holistic. I hope I'm not going to be in trouble. I'm not trying to advertise but just to help other owners because I know that traditional veterinary medicine is not always the best in my opinion. I guess if you guys are interested, just send me a mssg and I will send you a PM with info.

Where are these meetup places at, BTW?
I am in Bradley, IL.... I use to go to Bradley Animal Hospital but they were rude one night to my wife because they had to rewrap my male boxers leg... So the next day I went to CountyWest Vet in Kankakee (which is much cleaner, new, and nicer) and they rewrapped his leg for free and have been going there for about 5months now.

Also most of the meetups are done in Chicago, there is a Chicago Boxer Meetup group on I dont go to those anymore due to, too many owners that cant control their own dogs that are attacking your own dog and see that you are trying to seperate them.... (long story....which happened too many times).
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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