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Im getting a new puppy!

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Well guys as most of you know (from chat) I will be getting a new puppy in November sometime! He is coming from WV and is due to greet the would the first week of September (when Roxy was due) He is of great health tested lines!! I cant wait for this little boy to come! Im sooo excited :wink:  I was put on the waiting list last Friday after talking with the breeder and looking over the lines! I have asked the breeder to keep him until 10 weeks from all the stuff Ive read it seems to be better for him and the breeder said that is the age she keeps the pups until anyways!

I asked about shipping because 10 1/2 hours is a very long haul with 1 three year old a 7 month old and our little Roxy Girl soooo she has agreed to hand deliver this little boy too me!! Talking about dedication!! She just doesnt feel safe enough with shipping the pups but will do so if needed. Ive agreed to pay her the money I would to ship! Shes delivered puppies all over the place!

If you would lik eto see the parents of this litter and their pedigree you can view

Let me know what you all think!

There were 2 other people ahead of me for males but she said I was the first to want a show male so she bumped me to the very top so WOOHOO I get first pick male!! Be prepared to help me choose because I know Im not going to be able to do it on my own :wink:
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WooHoo!!!  Great looking lines...Looks like we both are gonna need some help picking pups...I'll help you if you help me...

Liz and Lilly
Ill help you hee hee!! Do yo knwo what color you want yet? Im not particular just a show male :lol:
Im not picky either.  I wuold like another white, but like I said before...he could be purple and I wouldn't care so long as his ears!!

Liz and Lilly
Congrats, Cindi! This was meant to be as hard as it is... I think the mommy is gorgeous! You better keep us updated!
Yay!!!  Congrats...that is great news!!!  The parents are goregous.
That is wonderful news.  I know today was very hard for you, but I hope this news helps you through this tough time and that in no time at all you'll be busy with a new little one.  I am so happy for you and you're doing everything right to get just exactly what you want and deserve.
The parents are beautiful, so glad you were able to find a great breeder.  It will be fun helping you pick one out and I am sure the breeder will give some great input.
I know it isn't the same as having one of Roxy's, maybe it just was supposed to happen this way...Both the parents are stunning, and I can imagine the pups will be just as gorgous...I know it's awfully hard when they are born to pick, Rhonda says when hers are first born, she kinda has an idea, then goes back and re-evaluates a few weeks later, sometimes what she originally picks for her show prospect just doesn't "have it", sometimes they do....But heck yea, we'll help you! Kinda like being Aunties.... :)
Oh congrats cindi!! i know things were a little hard yesterday,  but like willow said maybe it was meant to be this way. We will all be anxiously awaiting the news of the arrivals and help where we can. congrats again!
Congratulations!  That's very exciting!!  I bet it shed a little sunshine on your day.  I guess everything does happen for a reason!!  Can't wait to see the little guy :D
I'm sorry Cindi but I just don't get a good feeling looking through this breeders website. There are a couple of things that stand out to me and I have only read about two pages. The first thing is this breeder's puppy prices. They just seem very low to me. Why???
The second thing is that this bitch, Indy isn't even 2 years old yet. How could she have been fully health tested? If the pups are due next month, she would have been about 15 months when they bred her.
I don't know... You have probably made up your mind already, but I would just be leery with this breeder.
Oh, she changed her kennel used to just be J&D Boxers.

Yes, the bitch was 15 months old when she was bred.  She has not been health tested at all.  The sire has had some testing - he's not quite two years old yet, so none of it is really meaningful, but it is something.  (I'd like to see at least an auscultation by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist, though.)
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